About us:


This website was put together by the outreach committee of the Yankee Chapter of the New England Society of American Foresters.


The mission of the Society of American Foresters (SAF) is to advance sustainable management of forest resources through science, education, and technology; to enhance the competency of its members; to establish professional excellence; and to use our knowledge, skills, and conservation ethic to ensure the continued health, integrity, and use of forests to benefit society in perpetuity.


The Yankee Chapter represents SAF members from Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

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Goal of this website: 


As foresters, we hope to share our passion for the woods and open the door to build relationships with anyone who would like to learn more. In an era of an endless stream of digital information, it’s hard to know where to begin learning about a topic.


Forestry professionals across southern New England have created this clearinghouse of credible, science-based information. This website has two main goals

  1. Provide resources to practicing foresters so they have the best tools possible to promote the benefits of their work.

  2. To Provide anyone with a better understanding of who foresters are, what they do, and why forest management is critical in an era of global change.

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